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About the Winthrop Alumni Association

The Winthrop Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that serves more than 56,000 alumni, the University, and students. Members of the association promote the growth and progress of the University, encourage loyalty among former students, strengthen tradition, and engage prospective students to attend Winthrop University. The Executive Board of the Alumni Association serves as the governing body of all Winthrop alumni and oversees Association business. All active alumni are eligible to serve on the Executive Board.

Graduates of Winthrop University are automatically members of the Winthrop Alumni Association. A student regularly enrolled at Winthrop University for at least one year who does not graduate becomes a non-graduate alumna/us, while students who completed less than one year may request approval for non-graduate alumni status.

There are no annual dues or special requirements for becoming a member of the Alumni Association. All it takes is dedication to actively stay in touch with the University.

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